Is padel the next soccer? Here’s why we think padel may become the next major racquet sport in the U.S.

February 19, 2024

Padel Curious?

Why are we publishing “Leveling the Court” today? Today happens to be National Girls and Women in Sports Day. And this month is Black History Month. But, in the racquet world, every day should be a day where we all feel welcomed and respected — both on and off the court. You’ll get insights into: […]

Just Published…a New RacqueTrends Report for ALL of Us

February 7, 2024

Racquet sports are now a lifestyle! Fashion, entertainment, technology, travel and more….

Cocktails, IG, and the Future of Racquet Sports

February 1, 2024

Sports tourism is booming. Here’s where sports fans are traveling to (and why).

Racquet Tourism is Booming

January 25, 2024

Why commercial real estate developers, real estate agents, multi-family housing professionals, and mall operators need to know about racquet sports.

Building the Future of Racquet Sports: A Guide for Real Estate Professionals

January 22, 2024

Andrew Petcash, one of our featured speakers at RacquetX, offers his expert perspective on racquet sports investing.

Why Racquet Sports are Becoming a Popular Investment, According to Andrew Petcash

January 17, 2024


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